Saint Peter the Apostle


Mission Statement  


Committed to our Catholic values and academic excellence, St. Peter the Apostle School is dedicated to forming the whole child to know, love, and live the faith.

We Believe…

That our ministry is uniquely connected to the ministry of Saint Peter the Apostle Parish;

That the historical, cultural and communal aspects of New Castle both enrich and are enriched by our presence;

That we are committed to meeting the needs of the community served by offering educational programs in a context of faith;

That our excellence in teaching is designed to meet the needs of each child and is appropriately focused on preparing children for the future and that it reflects a global awareness in a community of faith;

That the excellence in teaching and in learning, where each person gives their very best are expectations at Saint Peter the Apostle School;

That families are welcomed and involved at and that there is a sense of hospitality and meaningful engagement which flavors the entire educational endeavor;

That we offer faith-based learning with a Catholic perspective and welcome children and families from all traditions and cultures; and


That this is a place where safety of children is of the highest consideration and children can learn and grow in a nurturing and caring environment.